About Race Gates

Race Gates was started with a need in mind. As racers who entered the racing scene in the 1970’s with the “rubber band” start, we understand the demand and need for quality dependable products.

As a track owner, the last item you want to be concerned with on race day is whether your gate will function properly. Our tried and proven design, twenty years of gate manufacturing experience, and over 500 gates sold worldwide (in over fifteen countries) will give you confidence in our product and will allow you to focus your attention else ware on race day.

The employees at Race Gates not only work here, but we also ride and race. Motocross has been our living and our passion. We practice starts all the time.

Sitting on the line isn't a nervous moment anymore, it's an adrenaline rush! As the "thirty -second" board turns sideways, your mind is clear, your only thought is "feeling" the gate move.... SUDDENLY the gate drops, you are letting the clutch out, twisting the throttle until it will not twist any more, the sound of the controlled chaos fills your ears with that perfect pitch. The first corner approaches fast and all you see is clear track!

We build these gates to last and our customers have provided great and positive feedback over the last two decades. We ensure every gate we build is consistent in its performance. Anyone can have a practice track or go to their favorite riding area, but for the serious racer you need a starting gate to practice your starts. Getting the feel of the gate dropping and timing it as it falls, can provide for crucial seconds to determine if you finish in the front or in the back. Our gates give you that edge!


Starting in the Front is the Only Option!

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